I belong to Branch One of the Saperia Family.  My father is Nigel Saperia, the originator of this website project, and my brother is Edward who is a good lad even though he spends more time on his hair than I do.

I live in New York City, working for the United Nations Development Programme / Bureau of Crisis Prevention & Recovery , where I am the Interagency Liaison Specialist. Currently (December 2001), my work revolves around the Afghanistan Recovery Project. I have just finished assembling 30 office kits for supply to the ministries of the new Afgan government (that's a lot of paper clips!).
Previously, I worked for the
United Nations Fund for Population Assistance.


I have a Masters in Public Administration and International Development from New York University.

Prior to that, I studied at St Paul's Girl's School in Hammersmith, West London, and York University, where I gained a BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics.

I enjoy travelling (I have been to Mozambique, South America and Japan in 2001), sports - I used to row and dive - and the theatre.  I love having finally graduated, so that I can enjoy more of my hobbies instead of writing papers all the time!

I hope that you all continue to reach out to Saperia's all over the world, and maybe one day we can have a get together! In the meantime, you can email me