Sara Groundland   Phyllis Hallen
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My mother was Hetty Saperia, sister of Rae, Leah, Gertie etc. She was the second oldest after Leah; she married Philp Krinker and had 4 children, of whom I am the youngest. My name is Sara Groundland, and I live in Rananna, Israel. I have 2 children, Richard (married to Smadar who have 3 boys, Amit, Matan and Noam)and Suzanne (married to Yossi who have 2 boys Tomer and Gal). I have a brother Maurice, living in Glasgow, (we all lived in Glasgow at one stage or another). I left Glasgow to live in Israel after my mother died some 20 odd years ago. I have a brother, Raymond married to Meg, who lives in Brazil, Orlando and Bournmouth at different times of the year, and a sister Doris (married to Irving Lehrman)in Delray Beach, Florida. Raymond has 2 boys, David and Philip (named after my father) who live in Florida and Brazil respectively. David has 2 daughters and Philip has a boy and a girl. Doris and Irving have 2 girls and 7 granchildren. Karen lives in California and has 2 girls Hanna (named after my mother) and Jackie, and Phyllis (named after my father) has 4 boys and 1 girl and lives in Florida.   My mother is Doris Krinker, daughter of Hetty Saperia from Leeds. Hettie had five sisters (Sadie, Rachel, Debbie, Lea and Gertie).

My mother emigrated to the USAin her early twenties, met and married Irving Lehrman in Brooklyn, New york. Now they live in Delray Beach, Florida. They have 2 children, Phyllis (me) and Karen.

My maiden name was Phyllis Lehrman. I married Hugh Hallen and we live in Tarpon Springs, Florida. We have 4 children, Robert (age 18), Michael (16), Jeffrey (13) and Lindsey (3).

Karen lives in Oak Park California. She married Terry Mansky and has two daughters, Hannah (13) and Jacqueline (10).

Phyllis, March 2002