Norman Saperia

Since I am one of the oldest Saperias perhaps I can shed some interesting light on my branch. My grandfather Jacob and his brother Abraham emigrated from Lithuania to Leeds. My grandfather had three children by his first wife, my father and sisters Mary and Shirley. My father did mention that as a boy there were visits from relatives from Scotland. My grandmother died early of TB and grandfather sired three more children. He deserted his wife and their children and came to America with his brother. His brother had a son Eli who was stationed in Southampton during the war and made sure every Saperia he knew was well fed. I had the misfortune to spend several weeks on the Salisbury plains near Stonehenge in October 1943. Eli (long since dead) left a son who is an orthopaedic surgeon. My son Gordon is director of the division of cardiology at his healthcare center. Daughter Deborah is an executive with a healthcare company. Son Jon set up much of the protocols on the internet.