Nathan Saperia

I think it's great that the Saperia family is finally finding out about our roots, and that we're making full use of the internet to do so.
I am 18 years old, and a senior at the Bancroft School in Worcester Massachusetts.  Next year I will be attending Dartmouth College in NH as a freshman. My parents are Gordon Saperia, and Betsy Moody, both of whom are doctors. My grandparents are Norman and Dorothy Saperia. They live in Framingham, MA. I also have an uncle, Jon Saperia, who lives in Cambridge, MA, and an aunt, Debbie Saperia, who lives with my grandparents in Framingham. You probably came across pages related to my uncle. He works in internet technologies, and also is involved with many BMW organizations.

Probably some of the references that you saw for me were related to music. I have been producing and playing electronic music in some form for about 4 years. This has included three major projects: Atomic Week, DJ Vapor, and Transferred Epithet. Atomic Week is my band, which plays a mix of improvisational electronica and indie rock. You can find our music at . DJ Vapor was my first solo project, and is much more electronic than Atomic Week. Music from DJ Vapor is at . Transferred Epithet is my second solo project, and although the style of music is slightly different than DJ Vapor, the main reason for the name change is that there are about 5 other DJ Vapors in the US. Last summer I began developing a website to offer free electronic samples for producers. However, since then I haven't had the time or the energy to keep it up to date. You can find this site at .

Also, I enjoy running very much. I am captain of the varsity cross country and track teams at my school. Unfortunately, I am not a good enough runner to compete at the college division 1 level, so I will not be running for Dartmouth next year.

Feel free to e-mail me about music, the website, or anything else.