Michael Saperia

I know I had family in Leeds, but I am not sure as to the nature of the relationship. Both of my parents, Henry & Pearl (nee Eisen) were born in Toronto in 1923. My older brother, Les, is a lawyer in Toronto and is married to Eva (nee Pila). They have 6 children: Sheryl, Jordie, Ashley, Jaimie, Corey and Sarah. I am 48 years old and I am married to Karen (nee Antrobus) and we have one daughter, Catherine, who is graduating from secondary school this year with a view towards eventually becoming an English literature and drama teacher. As you know, I just started PetPharm, an internet based discount pet pharmacy. I have degrees in philosophy from York University and the University of Toronto. Since graduating I have had several careers, including managing editor of a publishing company, advertising and promotions manager for a retail chain, vice-president of marketing for a manufacturing and distribution business and real estate broker. If things go as planned, I have 2 more careers before I pack it in. I play hockey, golf, tennis, baseball and just about any other game or sport.

I have a younger sister, Debbie, who is married to Jay Waks, a property developer in Toronto. They have 3 children, Joshua, Alyssa and Rachel. My youngest brother, Danny, is married to Gail (nee Medwed) and they have 2 sons, Adam and Jessie. Danny is the CFO of a pizza franchisor in Ontario. My father has an older brother, Philip, in Los Angeles. He has 2 children, David and Dinah. I have not had much contact with them for several years so I really don't know much about them. I believe that David is a doctor and I suspect that Dinah is also in the health field. My father had an older sister, Marie, who recently passed away. She did not have any children. My father also had an older sister in Toronto, Frances Green, who passed away a few years ago. Frances was married to Louis, who passed away some time ago, and they had 2 children, Joan (Kerbel) who passed away a few years ago and Irving who is now retired from being a C.A. Joan's husband, Norman Kerbel, just retired from his medical practice in Toronto. They have 4 children, Mark, Hart, Gail and Deana. Irving is married to Barbara and they have 3 sons, Steven, Joel and Brian, all living in Toronto.