Surname Sapir

The following was received from Neil Mayle:


I just saw your family finder listing in the latest issue of Landsmen. There is a possible family connection. My great-great-great-grandfather Jankiel ZYLKOWICZ married a SAPIR in 1845 in the town of Snaidowo in Lomza. The extract was published in Landsmen Vol 10, No. 3-4, page 80:
Town: Sniadowo; Year: 1845; Akt: 17; Type: Marriage.
Groom: ZYLKOWICZ Jankiel 19; Father of the groom: Leyb z Chaim from Nowogrod; Mother of the groom: Estera z Szlama from Nowogrod.
Bride: SAPIR Trayna Rywka 20; Father of the bride: Szlama z Aron from Sniadowo; Mother of the bride: Szprynca (dec.) z Maier from Sniadowo

There is also a record of Tryna Rywka older brother's marriage in Landsmen Vol 10 No. 1-2 p. 78:
Town: Czyzew; Year: 1829; Akt: 4; type: Marriage.
Groom: SAPIIE)R Bendyt (?) 21; Father of the groom: Szlama z Aron from Sniadowo; Mother of the groom: Szprynca z Maier from Sniadowo

I believe that after Tryna's father Aron is widowed he marries a second time.  I can't locate that record at the moment, but if you are interested I am sure I can find it.

That is the extent of my research into the SAPIR family.  Not many of Snaidowo records have been extracted and put in JRI-Poland.  I have ordered some of the Snaidowo microfilms to my local Mormon family history center; here are a few images of the name from the polish documents.  One is from a birth of a child where the mother is a Sapir.  The other two of from the parents' marriage.  One of these is Szlama Sapir's signature and the other is his name in the document.  I can send you the whole document but the image is over 1 megabyte.  You would need to consult someone who knows polish grammar, but I believe that the a at the end of the Sapir in the document is due to the grammatical usage and not intrinsic to the name -- endings vary in Polish and unlike english proper nouns also get modified.

I hope this helps.  There are many more records for Sapir.  The only ones that I currently have images of are descendants of the one that that married a ZYLKOWICZ: Ester daughter of Szlama Sapir born in Sniadowo in roughly 1825: