James Saperia

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I am James Saperia, 27 & I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I am the eldest son of Ray Saperia who is already listed on the site. I have two younger brothers, Dan (aged 25) & Ben (aged 23) & a sister Suzanne (aged 13). My grandma is the oldest Saperia on our side of the family. She is Dorothy Lillian Saperia, 84 years of age, & makes a cracking Sunday dinner. Her maiden name was Cook, she married my late grandfather Harry. They produced a son & a daughter, Patricia & Raymond. Patricia married & became Patricia Atherton so no more Saperias from her. Raymond (or Ray as he likes to be known) married Barbara.

Summary:(relation to myself)

Mrs.Dorothy Lillian Saperia (Grandma)
Raymond Saperia (Father)
Barbara Saperia (Mother)
James Saperia (Myself)
Daniel Saperia (Brother)
Benjamin Saperia (Brother)
Suzanne Saperia (Sister)

I think that Myer, my great grandfather is more likely to be the one born in 1898, though I am not sure. I know for definite from the "index of births" that the following is my grandfather & his sister Millie.
Harry (m.m.n. Hill) Born Leeds 1915  ref: 9b 633
Millie (m.m.n. Hill) Born Leeds 1914  ref: 9b 815
Millie is still alive, but unfortunately is not very well health wise. She is in a nursing home in Leeds.

My grandma also tells me that all the following Saperia's:
Myer, Julia, Charley, Harry, Ester & Abraham with the mother's maiden name of Julius, were my grandad's cousins. Charley died a couple of years ago in Leeds & my grandma went to the funeral. The Mrs.L Saperia of Thornhill Court, Leeds is Charley's widow. She never married or had any children.

Julia from the above mentioned list is now Julia Goldstein. She moved to Melbourne, Australia around 1977. My grandma has a letter from her which is dated 4th July 1983. We are not sure if she is still alive.