Emily Elizabeth Saperia

My grandfather, Norman (better known to me as Poppy), and my father, Gordon, have only recently told me about your website and I am very interested.  Genealogy has always vaguely interested me, but more than that, I never even really thought I'd ever meet another person, outside my immediate family, my uncle and aunt, and my grandfather, that shares my last name.  It seems somewhat childish, but that alone thrills me. This is all very exciting, and even though I know nothing at all except what I've read at saperia.com about my family's history, I would like to begin to know.  I'm very unskilled with computers but I would love to contribute to the Saperia homepage.

I am twenty years old, and have attended the George Washington University in DC for the past two years, and am transferring to Northeastern University in Boston in the fall.  I will move into my apartment in Boston in only a few weeks.  I have one brother, Nathan.  He is eighteen years old and will be attending Dartmouth College in the fall. 

I would love to hear from you all. Please email me!