I am the son of Sadie Gould, daughter, of Barnet Saperia, that appear in Branch no 4.
I now live in Australia, but my wife and I visit Leeds every few years, infact we saw Beattie in 1999 on our last visit two years ago.

I have in my possession the marriage certificate of my maternal grandparents:
Barnard Saperia (Tailor)age 22. Living at 22 Gower St . Father Abraham Saperia, married Fanny Cats (tailoress) living at 21 Gower St(age 21), Father Mark Cats (Tailor) at Maryempolar Synagogue Louis St. on 6/6/1890.Certificate No.C 21354
My grandparents lived at 14 Amberley Terrace after their marriage. Fanny died 31/12/46. Barnet died 10/3/37.
On my parents marriage certificate - Sarah Saperia and Morris Benjamin Gould - it states Sarah's fathers name as David Saperia which is clearly a mistake because David was his brothers name. David is also given as the fathers name for Gertie's wedding to Israel McKennal on 6/30/1920. My parents marriage took place at The New Leeds Synagogue, I Louis St. Leeds, (commonly called The New Shule) on 19/08/1931. Cerificate No UA 082731. My mother and her siblings ,whose marriages are recorded, states their home address as 14 Amberley Tce., except for Leah whose address was 39 Crimble St when she married Charles Wolfberg on6/30/1920.
I remember as a child my grandmother living at 14 Amberley Terrace (I used to go there after school for something to eat before I went to Cheddah.)