Greetings from a Saperia Grandson!

I was introduced to your most interesting web site by my cousin Cedric Gould. His mother Sadie and my grandmother Leah were the youngest and oldest children of Barnet Saperia of Leeds (branch 4). Cedric and I were both born in Leeds but he has lived in Melbourne, Australia for 34 years and I in the Greater Los Angeles area for 20 years (in Tarzana, in the San Fernando Valley) with my Israeli born wife Ruth and our sons Mark (25) and Saul (22), who were both born in London.

After reviewing our branch with my mother May, who visits us from Leeds every year, we decided to help update and correct it for you. (By the way, May is now 86 years old and therefore second in line to Beattie Black, the oldest surviving member of the branch).

Here are Barnet's children in chronological order, their spouses and their children, all to the best of our knowledge. I'll leave future surfers to add or correct where possible. Note that Barnet had 9 children:

Leah Saperia, married Charles Wolfberg
Children - May Priceman (Leeds) and Maurice (Costa Rica).

Rachel Saperia, married Mayer Berson
Children - Goldie Thompson (Deceased) and Mark (Deceased)

Hetty Saperia, married Philip Krinker
Children - Maurice (Glasgow ?), Raymond (Florida ?) and Sadie ? (Israel ?)

Gertie Saperia, married "Mack" McKennell
Children - Raymond (London ?) and Cecil (London ?)

Charles Saperia, married Becky ?
Children - Jeannette ? (Manchester ?) and Rochelle ? (Manchester ?)

Hymie Saperia, married Rose ?
No children

Deborah Saperia, married Harry Oken
Children - Donald (Richmond, VA), Gloria Woolf (Florida) and Patti Weissman (Oakland, CA)

Sadie Saperia, married Nathan Gould
Children - Cedric (Melbourne) and Brenda (Leeds)

A 9th child, died in infancy

I hope this helps. I can also fill in the blanks for the next generation for four of Barnet's children, should you wish.

Is this internet stuff amazing or what? I already found my cousin Anthony today through, after 20 years.

Regards to distant family everywhere.