Branch 4   Oldest surviving member: Bryni (Beattie) Black, Leeds   Primary contacts: Stephen Saperia , Brian Saperia
  Born Birthplace Now Father Mother Spouse      
Abram Saperia 1850?         Goldy      
children   Leber David Barnet            
Leber (Louis) David Saperia 1875 Kushner,Lithuania d. 1971 Leeds Abram Goldy Shifra (Sophia) Isaacovitch      
children   Dorah, 1898 Woolf, 1901 Rae, 1903 Goldy, 1906 Betty, 1908 Morris, 1911 Bryni , 1913 Henry, 1915
Barnet Saperia* 1867 Kushner,Lithuania d. 1937 Leeds Abram Goldy Fanny Cats      
children   Leah Wolfberg Rachel Berson Hetty Krinker Gertie McKennell Charles Hymie Deborah Oken Sadie Gould
Woolf Saperia 1901 Leeds d. 1953, UK David Sophia I.        
children   Brian Gloria Scheef, 1943            
Morris Saperia 1911 Leeds d. Leber David Shifra Isaacovitch Kathleen Barker      
children   Janet Holland, 1943 Stephen, 1950            
Brian Saperia 1937 Leeds Harrow, UK Woolf Sophia I. Diana Brooks      
children   Ben, 1972 Julia, 1979            
Stephen Saperia 1950 Leeds, UK Herts, UK Morris Kathleen Barker Gillian      
children   Matthew, 1979 Daniel, 1981            

NB: Bryni's birth certificate records her surname as Saphero.
* For further details of Barnet Saperia's family, click to read letters from Bernard Priceman, Sara Groundland, and Cedric Gould