Saperias at War

World War 1 Service Records (source - Public Records Office)

Joseph Saperia
Royal Field Artillery, Class W.
Medical discharge 14th Dec 1918 after being thrown from a horse whilst on parade in India, breaking a collar bone.
Age at discharge 38, gave address 2 Hamilton Place, Leopold St, Leeds; profession jeweller.
Next of kin Sarah Saperia (wife), married in 1910. Known by the alias 'Jackson'.

Joseph Saperia
Scottish Borderers.
Medical discharge Sept 1915, after having been gassed.
Age at discharge 19, gave address 51 Stamford St, Leeds, profession tailor.

Wolfe Saperia
Private, 4th (extra reserve) battalion of the
King's (Liverpool Regiment).
Enlisted 2nd Mar 1916, discharged 21st Apr 1917, having been found to be under age (he claimed to be 18 when enlisting, but his age on discharge was given as 15 yrs 9 months).
Gave 40 Samuel Street, Leeds, profession machinist, next of kin Sophia Saperia (mother).

Henry Saperia
West Riding Regiment.
Enlisted 26th Feb, 1915, aged 19yrs 51 days.
Gave address 86 Elmwood St, Leeds, profession kitchen porter, next of kin Harry Saperia (father).

Hyman Saperia
Private, 500th Howitzer Battery of the
Royal Field Artillery, served in France.
Enlisted 28th Dec 1915, age 20yrs 9 months.
Absent without leave 27.9.1916-9.10.1916, for which he was fined 14 days pay. The York police visited his mother to find him, but his mother said he had not returned for the Jewish holidays.
Gave address 51 Stamford St, Leeds (same as Joseph, above), profession tailors machinist, next of kin Jacob Saperia (father).

Morris Saperia
West Yorkshire Regiment, served in Malta.
Enlisted 28th Feb 1916, age 30yrs 2 months, single.
Gave address 55 Concord St, North St, Leeds, profession tailor.

Louis Saperia
West Yorkshire Regiment, 9th battalion, killed in action in France & Flanders 26 Jan 1918.
Burial details available from
Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Louis Saperia
Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Enlisted 14th Feb 1916; born 18th Mar 1882, Leeds.
Address 231 Parliament St., Toronto; insurance agent; wife Tilley.

Isaac Saperia
Rifleman in the
79th US Army Division.
He was gassed during the Meuse-Argonne offensive and received the purple heart.
Isaac is the father of Norman Saperia.


World War II Service Records

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Norman Saperia
Served in the
310th Infantry of the 78th Division I, received 3 battle stars, a combat badge and a Bronze Star.

Eli Saperia
Eli Saperia, US Army, was stationed in Southhampton in WW2 and must be well remembered by the many Saperias he kept supplied with army rations.

Hyman Saperia
Private 4545559,
West Yorkshire Regiment, (Prince of Wales's Own)
Died on Saturday 1 March 1941 in the UK, aged 40 . Born Liverpool, Resident Leeds, Husband of Sarah Saperia, of Leeds.
Buried Leeds (New Farnley) Jewish Cemetry, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.