Family History Records
  The records available here are all from the UK. They focus on the period when Saperias arrived in the UK from Russia and established themselves in Leeds, broadly 1870 - 1920. They were collated by Edward & Nigel in 2001.
  The birth and death records were researched at the Family Records Centre in Myddleton St, London, where are held index books giving brief details of births, deaths & marriages in England, Wales & Scotland from 1800 to the present. The birth books from 1852 to 1950 contained 107 Saperia births, and another 39 variants such as Saparie, Saperie and Sapiere, though after 1917 variants were not included. In the death volumes from 1860 to 1942 there were 44 relevant Saperia deaths, and another 11 variants. One third of the entries were infant mortalities. The references at the end of each entry may be used to order a copy of the full birth or death certificate from the Family Records Centre, for which there is a charge of 6.50 and a wait of 1 week.
  The marriage records have been taken from Leeds synagogue records as the UK records give little information and are ordered by groom only. This means civil marriages are not included in our records.
  The census data, naturalisation papers and war records were viewed at the Public Records Office in Kew. All the relevant material is available at this site.
  The master list is a synthesis, of all the records available from all sources, of Saperias who lived in the UK at any time prior to 1920.
  We are investigating the availability of records prior to arrival in the UK. Jewish Records Indexing - Poland and the Litvak SIG are in the process of indexing the microfilms of archive records held by Mormons. This seems the natural starting point.
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