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Welcome to The purpose of this site is to allow those with the surname Saperia to see how they are related to other Saperias around the world and to provide some basic family history.

Perhaps 25 Saperia families emigrated from Russia to Leeds, UK, in the late 19th century. So far, we have identified six family trees amongst this group, and know that there are at least another five waiting to be revealed. In the process, we have contacted many of the descendants, who are listed in the Index of Saperias. If you are a Saperia and not listed, or a relative, you can search through a wealth of genealogical data (birth, death & marriage records, census records, naturalisation papers and war records) to trace your connection.

When we started this project, in April 2001, we had two objectives: to unite the various branches into one single family tree, and to solve the pesky problem of the origin of our surname. Whilst we have learnt quite a bit along the way, these objectives have yet to be achieved. If you can help, we look forward to hearing from you!
Edward & Nigel Saperia



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